Nel Verhoeven | Invoerversie voor vertaling


How does it work?

You can use this research tool to set up and carry out your entire research project in stages according to the phases in Nel Verhoeven’s Doing research.


For each phase there are: 

  • guiding questions and forms to get your thought process going;
  • Word and Excel templates to document your research project;
  • checklists to check your findings;
  • tips on how to take care of your project administration;
  • references to the book for further reading. The reading guide is shown on the right-hand side of the screen. All references are to sections in 'Doing research?', unless stated otherwise.



Your lecturer can monitor your results in the monitoring system. For more options and possibilities for teachers, look under the teacher tab.


Working method:

  • first read the corresponding text in the book;
  • using the questions and input forms, you shape your plans;
  • you then enter that part of your research project;
  • you submit your work using templates;
  • the checklists help you to check your work;
  • your teacher checks your work after you have submitted it.