Nel Verhoeven | Invoerversie voor vertaling

Introduction to research tool

Your student can use the research tool to design and conduct an entire research project in stages according to the phases laid down in Nel Verhoeven’s book, Doing research.


For each phase there are: 

  1. questions and input forms to get the thought processes going;
  2. templates in Word and Excel to document the study;
  3. checklists for marking the results;
  4. tips for doing project administration;
  5. references to the book for further study. References are shown in the reading guide on the right-hand side of the screen. All references are to sections in Doing research, unless otherwise stated.


Teachers can use the tool to supervise their students

Teachers can use the research tool to closely follow the steps their students are taking and to download the documents they have uploaded. So the website can also be used as a tool to oversee the group that you are teaching.


You need a special teacher’s account to be able to monitor your students. You get assigned a teacher’s account if you apply for an inspection copy.


A teacher’s account gives you special powers:

  • in the student tracking system, you can monitor the progress of students who you are linked to;
  • you read documents that students upload;
  • you can place instructions for your students in the ‘teacher comments’ section on every page on the website.
  • in the answer fields on the feedback forms, you can see the feedback that the system suggests if a question requires feedback. 
NB With a teacher’s account, you cannot enter and save your own answers on the site. So the ‘submit response' button doesn’t work for the teacher’s account.


 > more information about the student tracking system