Nel Verhoeven | Invoerversie voor vertaling

This part of the website contains material for teachers.


Lesson plan

There are useful tools on this website for preparing a lesson plan: 

- There is an example in the teaching guide of a lesson plan for research as a subject.

- Teacher material to follow soon. 

- Under marking tips you will find a model which you can use to mark final reports and to assess how well students participated in research methodology as a course. 


Research tool

Under Research tool you’ll find an explanation on how to use the teacher’s tool which includes a demonstration of the student tracking system and the student tracking system itself. 


Access to the teachers’ section 

Some parts of the website can only be accessed by those who have a teacher’s account. You get assigned an account by e-mail if you apply for an inspection copy

A teacher’s account gives you special powers:

  1. in the student tracking system, you can monitor the progress of students who you are linked to;
  2. you read documents that students upload;
  3. you can place instructions for your students in the ‘teacher comments’ section on every page on the website.
  4. in the answer fields on the feedback forms, you can see the feedback that the system suggests if a question requires feedback. The correct answers to multiple-choice questions are shown straight away in blue.
NB With a teacher’s account, you cannot enter and save your own answers on the site. So the ‘submit response' button doesn’t work for the teacher’s account.